Portrait of a lady returns.

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery has been given a painting by Hubert Cook. The painting is from 1938 of a woman called Ruby Mutter and is being donated to the Art Gallery by her son, Brian Goddard.

Handing over the painting.
Brian Goddard hands over the painting to Emma Cook of the Swindon Museum.
Swindon artist Hubert Cook.

The Swindon Art Collection has already a large collection of Hubert’s work, although only one is on display.

Hubert Cook (1901 – 1966) was a significant English artist, who was a Swindon man, starting his working life in the GWR Rail works, but with monetary assistance from the directors of the GWR became a properly trained fine artist (Central School of Art in London). He went on to become a working artist and lecturer and wrote the first textbooks on Technical Drawing in this country. This painting was painted in Swindon and is finally, 74 years later, coming back to Swindon.