Calyx Pictures Review 2017 – January

A quick look back at 2017.


My first job in the new year is usually a trip to hospital to record the New Year babies.

Happy First Birthday to you all.


I have been recording the Shelley Street building site for more years than I care to remember. Robert Buckland visited it in January to take up the fight.

Swindon’s Diana Dors was remembered in January with a Blue Plaque. I also got an image from this set in Sunday telegraph’s Picture of the Day.

You may notice a trend. Many events are annual like the Swindon Sub Aqua swim down the Thames.

Susan Pollack, Holocaust survivor at talking at Isambard School.

PUPILS at Isambard Community School came face to face with history as a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust told her remarkable story.

A famous Swindon institution celebrated 10 years in January

National Self Build and Renovation Centre had a birthday.

Snapper Rachel Davis tracked down Swindon Tram 13 with a little help from Swindon’s Colin Hatch.

Over 500 hundred business people turned out at the launch of the Switch on to Swindon initiative at Swindon Audi.

A new Academy was started at Tadpole Farm.

Rachel Davis captured the opening of the new Music Academy in Milton Road.

The late Joel Joffe joined Friends of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery held a get together to help with the Lottery application for a new meuseum.

Phillip DeFreitas is presented as the new coach to Swindon Cricket Club.