Swindon had a Flower Show once 4th Sept 1982.

Swindon Flower Show. Ref 0030.

Copy from the Swindon Archive of the feature advertisement for the show From the Evening Advertiser.

EXHIBITORS are plan­ning to work throughout the night meticulously staging exhibits for the two-day Swindon Flower Show at the Oasis Leisure Centre on Septem­ber 3 and 4.

That is a measure of the dedication that goes into pre­paring a show stall only in its second year but already establishing a reputation for quality supreme in the area.

Many of the 3,000 visitors who attended last year’s inaugural show were compliment­ary about the standard of the entries and the organizational effort produced by the show’s steering committee.

This year show chairman Ray Smith has great hopes for an even more ambitious and successful event with its numerous new features and prize money again well over £1OOO.

’The standard was very high last year and the judges were amazed at the quality of the exhibits,” he says. “But that doesn’t preclude the beginners having a go. We are always trying to encourage them.

“We have even inserted an advertisement in our pro­gramme urging them to rent an allotment and try, if they feel they could do better them­selves. One of the charms of a show of this kind is that the experts will always go out of their way to help the amateur.

“Many people said last year’s show was one ofl the friendliest and most helpful that horticulturists had ever enjoyed, with a really nice atmosphere.”

The main hall and the bowls ball at the Oasis are being ‘used for the first time at this year’s show.

The bowls hall will stage the sundries and educational items: in­cluding the arts and crafts; the static displays; beekeep­ers’ entries: and stands from the Parks Department and the Lackham School of Horticul­ture.

The fruit, vegetables and flower will be among the live matter on show among the trade and competitive classes In the main hall.

The new cash prize from the Mayor of Thamesdown are among the striking features of the vegetable section. Gold medal card. and £75 cash prizes are being awarded for the outstanding trade exhibit and society exhibit while four silver award cards and £30 are being given In the trade and static displays.

Another new trophy is the £100 rose bowl being ­presented by Hambro Life Assurance for the best exhibit in the floral art section, and the National Vegetable Society Medal will be presented to the most meritorious exhibit in the show. These are just some of the coveted cups to be won. There is a host of new spon­sors this year.

Each class offers prize money of £250-£300 depending on the entry and quality. “We are always looking for public and professional support say. Mr. Smith. “We are offering. good cash prizes and the public will see genuine quality. Local nurseries who came last year have found an increase in trade.

We have learnt many lessons from last year. That is one reason we have taken two halls this lime, to spread ourselves out wider and give everyone more comfortable surroundings”

Mr Smith, Chairman for many years of the Council’s arts and recreation commit­tee and Thamesdown’s. first Mayor, helped launch the show itself by bring together interested groups and approaching the borough Council support.