Hilary Bradt at the Swindon Festival of Literature

HILARY BRADT – an illustrated talk on the reluctant solo traveller.

What does travel mean to you? Why do we do it? Have you ever been a reluctant solo traveller? Or have you stayed at home when a partner or companion dropped out, but cursed your lack of courage?

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Swindon Festival of Literature
Hazel Pennington, Matt Holand, Hilary Bradt and Janice Booth.
Book Roam Alone

Author, editor, and publisher of numerous travel books and articles, Hilary Bradt MBE, was herself a reluctant solo traveller but set out on a journey through Ireland on horseback with only her Connemara pony for company. Tonight, Hilary, along with Janice Booth and Hazel Pennington, two other contributors to Roam Alone: Inspiring Tales by Reluctant Solo Travellers, a collection of stories by travellers who have faced their fears and learned to love the freedom and new friends that solo travel brings, will give an illustrated talk on the trials and treats of travelling solo.


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