Your formula for today: Plasma + rubish = Green Gas

An innovative £25 million power plant, which turns household rubbish into ‘green’ gas, will be built on the South Marston Industrial Estate in Swindon.

The new facility, a world first, will be built next to a pilot facility run by Advanced Plasma Power.

Chief executive Rolf Stein explained that having demonstrated the technology in its pilot facility, it is rolling out a full sized commercial demonstration plant, capable of turning 10,000 tonnes of household waste into gas that can power 1,500 homes or 75 HGVs using LPG fuel.

local company Howard tennans is converting lorries to run on the gas produced at the South Marston plant.

It is thought that the project, which received funding from the government, Ofgem and other stakeholders will create 50 jobs during the building phase.