We had an internationally famous TV Museum open in 1983

Swindon’s cab©calyx_Pictures_Swindon_TV_museum_16le TV was the among, if not the first in the country to bring television to the home via a cable network. To mark this Radio Rentals (Thorn EMI,) whose HQ was in Percy Street Rodbourne, opened their TV museum there. The museum was dedicated to John Logie Baird who is regarded as the inventor of television.

©calyx_Pictures_Swindon_TV_museum_41The opening was carried out by the wife of the father of Television Mrs Margaret Baird and one of the first TV announcers Leslie Mitchell.  The opening day of the museum, on Jan 26th 1983, coincided with the anniversary of the first occasion on which John Logie Baird gave a public demonstration of his invention.

An original Baird revolving wheel TV can be seen in the pictures.

Where is the museum now?

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