Marazion Olympic Torch confusion.

One of the iconic images of the Olympic Torch relay through the UK must be the kissing of the torches with St. Michael’s Mount in the background, but did you see that image???

The answer is no, unless you happened to be on Marazion beach and at the extreme end of the crowd, as there was a total mess up with a national photocall.

After 2 hours of setting up a shot where the incoming runner would go to a point then traverse the beach between mount and cameras. The outgoing runner then would move from the right hand side to a predetermined point in-front of the cameras, where the runners would meet and the torches would kiss and the flame exchanged.


Not on your life!

The incoming runner and police escorts ran onto the beach, scattered in all directions. The torch bearer saw the other girl and ran over to her; about 30 meters to the right of the gathered mass of cameras and the torches kissed.

The outgoing runner sped off into the morning sun and left us with no iconic image.

Needless to say there were many fuming officials including the photographer in charge, the Cornwall council lady who was expecting there to be a poster image in it and the Locog official Press Officer.

As you see no iconic image but a selection of pictures from the event. Well we usually get something out of nothing!