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Garrison Girls underwatder shoot

“The Garrison Girls have decided to take the plunge with their fourth fund raising calendar.
Intrepid wives of serving soldiers, sailors and airmen, will again be posing in the nude, but for the 2012 edition they will be underwater.
The girls, ranging from young Mums to Grand Mums, have posed nude, once again to help raise money for their cause. They want to raise £5 million to help set up a retreat which will offer treatment and support for servicemen and women suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The aim will be to treat individual sufferers and whole family units.
Sarah Bennett Thurston, Forceswive and chief executive officer of the registered charity, said “Our objective is to help stop the devastation of PTSD from breaking down a family and help ALL the victims of PTSD.”
Some people describe PTSD as the hidden wounds suffered by young men and women who have served in conflict areas all over the world.
Sarah said: “We know people are struggling with finances and maybe a charity calendar is not high on the list of priorities but everyone bought helps us towards our target. Every penny raised goes towards helping those suffering from PTSD.
Most of the girls haven’t done any modelling before, they are just service wives who have decided to do something a little bit different to raise money.
“I am often asked if the girls find it difficult to pose nude. It’s certainly not the usual behaviour for the wives, but any stress we feel is nothing when compared to what our husbands try to cope with every day when out on operations,” said Sarah.
More than 30 different service wives have graced the months of the three previous calendars and another dozen will be able to claim they are a Garrison Girl
Calendar on sale now
Copies will be available from our website and The Forces Store
The pictures for the 2012 calendar were taken in the Manchester Aquatic Centre by underwater photographer, Nick Robertson-Brown.”
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